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Kitchen Soufflé

The Stir, Break And Serve Silicone Fork

The Stir, Break And Serve Silicone Fork

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Break Down That Ground Beef With No Damage To Your Precious Non-Stick

  • Pure Silicone Material Protects Pans Whilst Breaking Apart Ground Beef And Stuck Food: Often in the kitchen we find ourselves poking at something with out stainless steel fork but this damages our precious pans, hence why we introduce this large silicone fork. The perfect solution of breaking apart ground beef and other food whilst protecting pans, pots & bowls.

  • Stir Cake Mix Or Other Mixtures: Perfect for incorporating ingredients and breaking down foods into a smooth mixture such as cake mix or scrambled eggs.

  • Lift Pasta & Spaghetti To Serve Perfect Portions

  • 100% Silicone Material BPA Free

  • Designed To Be: Non-stick, Non-scratch, Heat Resistant & Dishwasher Safe

  • The Perfect Gift For The Home Chef In The Family: This is an extremely useful tool, as a gift it will soon become one of your favorite people's "go-tos" or maybe it will be a little present to yourself ;)   

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