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The So-Easy Strawberry Huller (Crisp Grey)

The So-Easy Strawberry Huller (Crisp Grey)

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🍓 PLUCK EFFORTLESSLY: The So-Easy Strawberry Huller is designed for quick hulling of many delicious strawberries so you can spend more time eating delicious fruit and less time in the kitchen!

🍓 LESS MESS: Hulling by hand often squishes and gets juice on counters, this plier like tool makes light work of your strawberry for less mess.

🍓 WORKS ON MANY FRUITS AND VEGETABLES: Works Great On Pineapples, Tomatoes even removing potato eyes.

🍓 A CLASSY LOGO: Keep your kitchen fresh with the classy K and S logo on your kitchenware.

🍓THE PERFECT GIFT: A great gift for friends and family who love strawberries or maybe even a cheeky gift to yourself ;)

Note: Only Crisp Grey In Stock This Summer!

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