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Kitchen Soufflé

The Precision Kitchen Tweezer

The Precision Kitchen Tweezer

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Flip, Turn, Pick, Serve

  • The Tool You Never Knew You Needed: If you want precision the tweezer is the way to go. Get perfectly evenly cooked meats, fish and vegetables with precise turning whenever you need.

  • Simple Yet Effective: A Chic stainless steel tool that is used in almost all professional kitchens but is remarkedly easy to use. It is quite literally designed to pick things up. Want to taste your pasta without fumbling around? or flip that piece of bacon. Get a tweezer.


  • Easy To Clean: Premium Smooth Steel is easily cleaned or placed in the dishwasher. It's precise but robust.


  • Extra Large: 12 inch tweezer perfect for gripping larger meats and vegetables but also smaller plating items with precision.

  • A Great Gift: Know someone who loves cooking then this is the inspired gift for them, or maybe even a gift for yourself ;)
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