The Flip And Tong – Kitchen Soufflé
The Flip And Tong
The Flip And Tong

The Flip And Tong

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Simply Just Useful

  • 2 In 1 Spatula And Tongs: Grilling, frying and BBQing why use 20 tools when you can have 1 classy piece.  No crazy 20 in 1 tool just an elegant spatula combined with the grip of a pair of tongs. 


  • Silicone Grips: Silicone is heat resistant so ideal for your flame grilled needs. But better yet it is grippy so can turn your steaks, sausages, grilled vegetables, and most importantly burgers with no problems whatsoever.


  • Slide Under: Spatulas are perfect because they can slide under foods, and tongs are perfect for picking up. Why not slide under then pick up.  It is super effective from sideways angles and underneath unlike a normal pair of tongs. (No more dropping or struggling to pick up your smaller items)


  • Premium Materials: 100% Stainless Steel with engraved logo + Pure silicone spatula head.


  • A Great Gift: Perfect for this bbq season, an ideal gift for the bbq cooker in the house, Or even a treat for yourself ;)