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Kitchen Soufflé

The Easy Entry Ice Cream Spade

The Easy Entry Ice Cream Spade

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Ever got your favorite ice cream out of the fridge only to fail to insert your spoon into it? Introducing

The Easy Entry Ice Cream Spade


  • Angled Stainless Steel Face For Easy Entry Even Into The Hardest Of Ice Creams: The unique spade like shape simply cuts through hard ice cream leaving you delicious ice cream without the frustration.


  • Smooth Stainless Steel Surface, Can Eat Right Off The Spade If You Wish: If you are like the author & really can't wait to bowl up simply use the spade as a spoon and shovel that delicious sorbet straight the tub  right onto your tongue.


  • 100% Stainless Steel & Wooden Finish: Kitchen Souffle chooses the materials and tools for the job. Here we knew you wanted a classy wooden finish.


  • Elegant Look For A Gift: The interesting & useful features of this tool make it the perfect gift or maybe even a present to yourself ;)



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