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Kitchen Soufflé

The Delicate Job Pastry & Pizza Roller

The Delicate Job Pastry & Pizza Roller

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Smooth Pastry & Small Side To Finish Off Delicate Edges

  • A Hand Roller For More Efficient Rolling Than Big Hefty Pins: Traditional rolling pins are inefficient and the use of a hand roller can save time in how it is easier to change rolling direction to smooth out cracks!

  • Small Roller Added For Smooth Edges That Are Uniform And NOT Thinned Out: We've all been there trying to make a uniform piece of pastry only to get to the edges and it either cracks or is to thin or too thick. The added small roller gives a touch of subtly to your rolling meaning you can fill in cracks and even out the edges for perfect, smooth pastry.

  • SMALL & LIGHTWEIGHT FOR EASY HANDLING: Not heavy and cumbersome like traditional rolling pins.

  • STURDY WOODEN FINISH WITH STEEL: No plastic, perfect for preparing all your pastry needs.

  • THE PERFECT GIFT FOR THE BAKER IN THE HOUSE: A classy time saving gift for the baker in the house or maybe a little gift to yourself ;)
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