The Crisp And Bake – Kitchen Soufflé
The Crisp And Bake
The Crisp And Bake
The Crisp And Bake

The Crisp And Bake

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  • CRISP AND GOLDEN: Want a base that is crisp and golden, not soggy and wet? Look no further. The Unique perforated holes allow hot air to circulate around the whole crust giving you a deliciously crisp, golden crust around the sides and the base of your pie.


  • Multi Purpose: We all love a crispy, melt-in-the-mouth crust and that goes for pies, quiches and all your pastries. This Pan is designed not just for that apple pie you make every week but savoury dishes also. Even a pizza.


    • Removable Base: Spent all that time making a perfect pie only to be disappointed when difficult removal from the pan ends up damaging it? This custom designed pie pan by Kitchen Soufflé has a removable bottom so the pie slides right out - Genius!


    • Easy To Clean: Smooth carbon steel surface makes it easy to clean. It's Non stick (we still recommend rubbing a bit of oil and butter on just to make your life really easy). 

    • Dimensions: 9 inch diameter, 2 Inch Depth with ridged edges for a beautiful design.