The Clip And Strainer – Kitchen Soufflé
The Clip And Strainer
The Clip And Strainer
The Clip And Strainer

The Clip And Strainer

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Don't Fumble Around Putting Pasta In An Out Of Collanders. Make It A One Pot Job With This Space Saving Strainer

JUST CLIP ON AND STRAIN NO NEED FOR COLLANDER: This clip on strainer saves time and energy by removing the need to move pasta or other items in an out of collanders in the sink. Simply clip on and drain direct into sink.

Fits Almost All Pans: because it is clip on it can fit almost all pan sizes.

100% Silicone Dishwasher Safe Heat Resistant & Non-Stick

Less Washing Up: This smaller item saves space in your dishwasher as opposed to big heft collanders which often need washing and drying by hand and take up lots of space in the dishwasher or drying rack.

The Perfect Gift For Pasta Enthusiasts: Or maybe a small present to yourself ;)