The Black Friday Bread Lover's Gift Set – Kitchen Soufflé
The Black Friday Bread Lover's Gift Set

The Black Friday Bread Lover's Gift Set

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The Perfect Christmas Gift For The Bread Maker In The House

Includes 3 Items: The Danish Whisk + The Precisio Bread Lame + The Silicone Baking Mat

The Danish Whisk: A baker's favorite. Ever had the problem of needing to mix a heavy cookie mix or bread dough? A normal whisk would break under the pressure of a heavy mixture so you use a wooden spoon or electric mixer. The Danish Whisk mixes way faster and with less effort than a wooden spoon but is easier to clean and less hassle than an electric mixer.

The Silicone Baking Mat: roll out pastry or knead bread dough with no sticking to your precious work surfaces. Truly durable non-stick and easy to clean.

The Precisio Bread Lame: make amazing patterns in your sourdough bread with this pencil like bread scorer. The perfect gift for the sourdough artist.


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