The Baker's Piston Funnel – Kitchen Soufflé
The Baker's Piston Funnel

The Baker's Piston Funnel

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  • Professional Results From Home: A home baker's must have tool. Think of all the times you measure out pancake batter, muffin mix, chocolate sauces, toppings and, of course, candies like toffees and chocolates. Now you can do it all with less mess!

  • Get beautiful well presented results: With precision comes evenness. Get each of your beautiful desserts looking exactly the same and well measured to impress friends and loved ones!!


  • No Mess: Quick release mechanism gives you control over portions and stops mess on counter tops. Better yet the smooth stainless steel of the funnel itself is a breeze to clean.


  • A Great Gift: Know a baker? Someone who just loves pancakes? or maybe even a bbq lover who wants that perfect glaze? Then look no further! or maybe even give yourself a gift ;)