Rivero (The Collapsible Bottle) – Kitchen Soufflé
Rivero (The Collapsible Bottle)
Rivero (The Collapsible Bottle)
Rivero (The Collapsible Bottle)

Rivero (The Collapsible Bottle)

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  • The Easy Way To Stay Hydrated: This bottle is perfect for busy active people who wanted to stay hydrated on the go.


  • Sleek: Super slim design so fits in even your smallest handbags so you can keep hydrated and look stylish but when expanded holds up to 22oz/ 650 ml


  • Perfect For Travel: Take up no space with this super light collapsible bottle. It has a clip so you can attach to hiking bags and rucksacks.

  • Silicone And Steel Construction: Steel Head for absolutely no leakage. Silicone for a 100% BPA Free bottle and smoot taste.


  • Great for gym and sports enthusiasts: So slim you can just pop it in your pocket then fill up at your gym or local sports centre no hefty bags needed. Even take it on your next run


  • Great for kids: Silicone design so you can drop it all you like. Fits in tight school bags like a dream.


  • A Great Gift: Know an activity lover? or maybe a keen backpacker? Then this is the bottle for them. Or maybe even a gift for you and your children at school!