Baker's Couche – Kitchen Soufflé
Baker's Couche
Baker's Couche

Baker's Couche

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Make Bread Like The French

  • Artisan Bread: For centuries baguettes in France and Ciabatta in Italy  have been proved in cloths (couches) because the ridges help rise the dough evenly giving a light crisp taste. Moreover, the cloth wicks  away a tiny bit of moisture from the surface of the dough giving a golden crust.


  • Natural: 100% Cotton Fabric large size 24 inches x 36 inches cloth. It is rectangular to suit baguette making


  • Easy to Use And Clean:  Comes with easy Instructions but they are not necessary. First generously flour the cloth, then fold the cloth into ridge like structures, then place the dough in between the ridges for proofing. (Depending on your dough you will have to proof for different amounts of time). Unlike flax linen, cotton can be cleaned easily in the washing machine


  • A Great Gift: Know a bread maker, baker or someone who just loves bread then this is the inspired gift for them. Maybe even a gift for yourself.