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European Designed

The Danish Whisk

Three pronged chic design made to glide through dough rather than fold as a wooden spoon would.

Latest Reviews

"I have been making our families’ traditional walnut roll bread for 18 years. I have mixed the 12 cups of flour with a wooden spoon.
The new dough whisk made stirring so much easier! I ❤️ It!"

Who we are

At kitchensouffle we aim to provide you with not just beautiful, but truly useful tools you will use everyday. The Danish Whisk is symbolic of that mission.

The Swedish Dish Cloth

Almost every home in Europe has these special cloths why don't you?

Erin Ohio

"These are incredibly useful for light spills and wipes I use them every single day. You will still need some paper towels for really large spillage. But for most things these are a complete replacement.."


The Swedish Dish Cloth For A Kitchen You Love

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The Dutch FlessenLikker

Those Crazy Dutchies are at it again with this unique way of getting every last drop out of jars. FlessenLikker Literally translates to "Bottle Licker" but believe us when we say it is effective.


"Nice long handle for reaching the bottom of 64oz blender jar and gets the last of the mayo in the jar without messy hands."


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