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The Clip and Pour (Pack of 2)

The Clip and Pour (Pack of 2)

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  • LESS MESS, MORE EASY POURING: This Clip And Pour is the essential kitchen tool for storage and leftovers. Simply clip bags open then pour with ease.


  • STORING A LOT OF SOMETHING: Use a lot of freezer bags? Making a lot of lunches or freezer meals? Putting fruit, nuts, and sweets into bags? Perhaps you're storing vegetables. Whatever the item, this clip and pour is vital for saving time and keeping mess off counters!


  • SIMPLE TO USE: First, clip your bag in, then adjust arms to the desired height. It's best if the bottom of the bag is resting on the counter. Then pour - it's really as simple as that!


  • USE BOTH HANDS TO POUR: Pouring something heavy or particularly messy? This bag allows you to use two hands where normally one would be holding the bag open. Great for heavy pans or particularly messy liquids.

  • ADJUSTABLE: It's adjustable so fits different bag sizes and situations. Also makes it easy to store in cupboards

  • A GREAT GIFT: Know someone who loves cooking and leftovers then this makes the perfect gift to make their life easier. Or maybe it's just a gift for you :).


  • SPECIFICATIONS: 2 x Clip and Pour. Height 7.1 Inches x Width 4.1 Inches.


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