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The Swedish Dish Cloth

The Swedish Dish Cloth

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  • SO PRACTICAL: These Swedish Cloths clean up spills, wash dishes, and wipe surfaces and counters like no other cleaning tool. They surpass all alternatives because they don't fall apart like paper towels and dry instantly unlike sponges and traditional dishcloths - they save time in their effectiveness and money in their reusability. 

  • EXTREMELY ABSORBENT BUT REUSABLE: These cloths are super absorbent but, unlike a traditional paper towel, they are reusable. When done simply wash and ring dry then they're ready to go again. Producing less waste and meaning less rubbish for you. 


  • ECO FRIENDLY: These cloths are a mix of cotton and cellulose. So not only are they reusable but they are biodegradable.

  •  LONG LASTING: Unlike the alternatives these last up to 100 washes saving money and producing less waste! When they are getting slightly old you can place them in the dishwasher or washing machine and they go back to new!


  • FEELS NICE: Hate that sponge feeling? Well, when wet, these are nice to touch making cleaning less yucky!


  • DRIES FASTER THAN A SPONGE: Sponges are hard to ring dry, twist these once and all the water just falls out of these magical cloths. Meaning they don't build up yucky smells, unlike alternatives.

  •  SPECIFICATIONS: Made from Cotton and Cellulose. 1 pack contains 10 X Swedish Dish Cloth (8 inches x 6.7 Inches)


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