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The Black Friday Week: Baker's Bundle Gift Set

The Black Friday Week: Baker's Bundle Gift Set

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The Perfect Christmas Gift For The Baker In The Family

Includes 3 Items: The Danish Whisk + The Pick Up & Dust + The Baker's Piston Funnel

The Danish Whisk: A baker's favorite. Ever had the problem of needing to mix a heavy cookie mix or bread dough? A normal whisk would break under the pressure of a heavy mixture so you use a wooden spoon or electric mixer. The Danish Whisk mixes way faster and with less effort than a wooden spoon but is easier to clean and less hassle than an electric mixer.

The Pick Up & Dust Sugar And Flour Dusting Wand: Often in baking we want to sprinkle powdered sugar onto something the pick up and dust makes picking up sugar and dusting it perfectly onto desserts and pastries a breeze. Or dust flour onto a work surface. Even dust chocolate onto your cappuccino.

The Baker's Piston Funnel:  Perfectly spread pancake batter with no mess and in exact precise quantities into pans. Or funnel a chocolate sauce onto your dessert. Less Mess And More Precision When Distributing Sauces And Batters.

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