Stainless Steel Danish Whisk – Kitchen Soufflé
Stainless Steel Danish Whisk
Stainless Steel Danish Whisk

Stainless Steel Danish Whisk

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    • NO NEED TO GET HANDS STICKY: THIS STEEL DANISH WHISK is strong enough to mix sturdy doughs without the need to use your hands, meaning you don't have to get dough all over yourself.


    • CLEANER: Dough does not stick and accumulate on the head making it much easier to clean than a standard whisk. DISHWASHER SAFE


    • LASTS LONGER: New Steel Design for longer-lasting use


    • MORE STURDY: STRONG AND STURDY Whisk particularly good for heavier and thicker doughs.


    • MULTIPURPOSE: Works like a whisk and a wooden spoon. The stainless steel head can be used to scrape the edges of bowls just like a spoon so you will require fewer utensils when baking. 


    • A GREAT GIFT: The perfect gift for bakers. Particularly good on sourdough/ heavy bread doughs, cookie doughs, meatballs, pancake batter, and all things delicious. Maybe even a gift to yourself ;)