The Scoop And Spread – Kitchen Soufflé
The Scoop And Spread

The Scoop And Spread

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Scoop, Spread, Spoon, Spatula

  • The Only Baking Tool You'll Need: This 2 in 1 spoon and spatula is the essential baker's tool. Perfect for spreading icing onto cup cakes or sponges. Ideal for peanut butter and jam sandwiches just first spoon your ingredients on then spread with the firm spatula tip.


  • 100% Silicone: Pure silicone provides the firmness to spread but the suppleness to get into corners.  Great for stirring thicker doughs like cookie dough in a bowl then scraping it out onto a baking tray.


  • Easy To Clean: Dishwasher safe or smooth silicone can be washed with ease by hand.


  • Does Not Damage Pots And Pans: Great for stirring bolognaise or sauces, and the smooth silicone is non scratch so pans are ultra safe.