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The Extendable Colander (Blue)

The Extendable Colander (Blue)

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  • Convenient Colander: This Colander is ultra convenient for doing a lot of vegetable and fruit rinsing. It is perfect for rinsing!


  • Extendable: Not only does this mean it fits all sinks (small or oddly sized sinks, RV sinks, and, of course, classic sinks). it also means it is easy to store. Especially when compared to hefty over the sink alternatives.


  • Easy To Clean: Dish Washer safe and smooth so is a breeze to clean.


  • A Master Of All Jobs: Great for rinsing veg but also for straining pasta and vegetables even great for drying dishes!! Truly Versatile!


*Note: Due to vastly popular demand this product is now only produced in blue.