The Brotpisker – Kitchen Soufflé
The Brotpisker
The Brotpisker
The Brotpisker

The Brotpisker

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  • MAKES LIGHT WORK OF HEAVY DOUGHS:  From Denmark, The Brotpisker is the only whisk that works on heavy doughs like Bread and Cookie. It glides through doughs, incorporating ingredients together effortlessly. So you don't have to use your hands and get your hands mucky!

  • 3-PRONG DESIGN: The unique design means dough does not cling to the wire head, making it easy to pass through and mix heavy doughs together. It also makes it easy to clean, especially compared to a normal whisk.


  • AN ALL-ROUNDER: The Brotpisker does the job of a wooden spoon and a whisk. It incorporates ingredients evenly like a whisk would but can scrape like a spoon. It also works on heavy mixes where a whisk would normally totally fail.


  • STRONG AND STURDY: The strong wooden handle and stainless steel head mean it works great on heavy ingredients and is long-lasting.


  • THE PERFECT GIFT: Know someone who loves baking then this is the ultimate chic and useful accessory for them. The stylish wooden finish makes a thoughtful gift for friends, family, and loved ones.


  • THE BROTPISKER: The Brotpisker is the best tool for sourdough, no-knead bread, cake mix, cookie dough, and even Meatloaf. It is a game-changer for making mixing heavy mixes effortless.