Snackar: The Silicone Snack Bar Mold – Kitchen Soufflé
Snackar: The Silicone Snack Bar Mold

Snackar: The Silicone Snack Bar Mold

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  • Yummy Snack Bars:  Make your own delicious snack bars with all your favorite ingredients.

  • Healthier: Control how much sugar and salt goes into your's and your family's snack bars.  


  • Oven And Freezer Safe: This versatile mold is made of pure silicone meaning it can be put in the oven for Granola Bars and Flat Jacks or in the freezer for frozen yoghurt bars and even home made chocolate!!


  • Easy To Clean: Smooth silicone is naturally non stick so does not require extra oil. It is simple to clean and dishwasher safe!


  • A Great Gift: Know someone who loves snack bars, then this is the perfect gift for them. Or Maybe even a gift for yourself!