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Silicone Splatter Screen

Silicone Splatter Screen

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  • CLEANING THE STOVE IS A BUMMER: Unique silicone design stops grease and oil splatter going over surfaces saving you time and the effort of cleaning those difficult to remove stains. Simply place the guard over your skillet, pot or pan and voila no more splatter!


  • SILICONE: Small holes and special silicone design makes this splatter guard much more effective than traditional mesh types. No leakage or splatter makes for a happy kitchen experience. 


  • CLEANS EASY: One problem we noticed with the steel guards is even when they did stop splatter they themselves were difficult to clean and rusted. This guard is smooth silicone so simple to clean.


  • MULTIPURPOSE:  Superb at Stopping splatter particularly whilst frying food (bacon etc.) in oil but also can be used for draining (see photos above), or placed on a surface and used as a cooling mat for hot plates/ baking items.


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